We've all heard some crazy stories regarding the Draft Combines in the NHL and NFL. 

Mind games and trick questions asked by teams to prospects so they can try and judge their character. 

The latest crazy story comes out of the most recent NHL combine as Chicago Blackhawks' rookie Kirby Dach revealed that he was interrogated by Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman. 

While appearing on a recent episode of "Spittin Chiclets", Dach said Yzerman cornered him and accused him of being a regular weed smoker. 

Dach denied those claims but Yzerman wouldn't let it go and said he had inside information about Dach and marijuana use. 

"So are you sure you don't smoke any pot cause I had some of your teammates tell me you smoke weed," asked Yzerman as per Dach's retelling of the story.

Dach repeatedly denied the claim and it was so intense that Dach revealed he was sweating.

Yzerman made a pretty hilarious admission after the interview.

"After I got out he was like 'Yeah I know you don't I was just f***ing with ya," said Dach.

Source: Spittin Chiclets via HockeyFeed