The Montreal Canadiens will try and avenge their ugly loss against the Calgary Flames this past Wednesday. 

While the Canadiens didn't get blown out of the water on the scoreboard, they put together an absolutely brutal effort and didn't look like they showed up at all. 

Tonight they'll welcome back one of their top defensemen into the mix as Ben Chiarot returns to the lineup. 

Chiarot broke his hand in a random fight against JT Miller about a month ago. Originally he was expected to miss about six weeks, but here we are just a little over three weeks later and he's back. 

While meeting with the press today, Chiarot made it clear that the incident won't stop him from fighting anytime soon. 

“It doesn’t change much for me,” he said. “Fighting is a part of my game and it’s something that’s always been there and it has to always be there. The way I play you’re going to have to answer the bell at times. My job’s to make the game hard on the other team’s best players. If the other team’s best player is going to challenge me then I’m going to be willing to answer. So it doesn’t really change anything in what I’m going to do.”

“When you have a broken bone, it’s just a matter of the bone healing,” he said. “It’s not really anything you can do to kind of speed it up or slow it down. It just takes what it takes as far as time. Once the surgeon kind of gives you the OK that you can play, then you get back in there.”

What do you think of Chiarot's comments?