Various hockey players are stepping up to not help team employees in need but now to help children in need too. 

Just a little bit after it was revealed that the Sedin twins made a donation to the Vancouver Sun's Adopt A School COVID-19 appeal to help children now facing hunger with school meals no longer available, Carey Price has made a donation of his own. 

Price and his family have donated $50k to the Breakfast Club of Canada emergency fund to help children across the country. 

“We are lucky to have everything we do, when so many people lack access to healthy food,” Angela Price said in a statement. “We feel compelled to do our part so that the most vulnerable children and communities in the country, including Indigenous communities, aren’t victims of food insecurity during this crisis.”

The Price family has helped support the Breakfast club for years and these funds will help “focus on food-insecure households with children across Canada, including those in Indigenous communities,” .

A nice stick tap for the Price family.