The Montreal Canadiens will host the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow night for the first time this season at the Bell Centre. 

Just like the opener, even without fans it'll be a very exciting game to watch with the two top teams going at it as the Habs and Leafs' rivalry is as fiery as ever. 

One of the main storylines of course will be Auston Mathews vs Carey Price as Matthews has pretty much dominated Price in various games between the two teams. 

Price is totally aware of it and was asked about Matthews while meeting with the media today. 

"He's playing some excellent hockey. His game speaks for itself. He's a powerhouse guy, and he's got an amazing shot. So, it's of the same story for every superstar in the league, and we have to take his time and space away if we can. It's fun to watch him play out there when I'm not on the ice with him."

Do you think Matthews is one of the few players that has gotten in Price's head on the ice?

What do you think of Price's comments?

Source: Eric Engels