Unlike the NBA, it's pretty uncommon to see offer sheets being used in the NHL. 

However summer after summer we hear that this is the summer teams might finally start to do it and this time it really, really seems like this summer it could happen. 

NHL player agent Don Meehan believes it's going to be used as a bargaining tool and it could be the year we see it finally used seriously. 

“It’s still part of the discussion,” said Mehan. "As you know, there has been no hostile bid for six years (Ryan O’Reilly 2013). It’s not something that happens often. But it’s part of the negotiations because of the salary cap.

“I would say that the probabilities are higher this year than at the last ones.”

Luke Fox of Sportsnet put together his list of teams who have the draft picks and salary cap space to be a real threat to get it done this summer and the Canadiens' find themselves on the list. 

Along with the Canadiens, Fox also lists the New York Islanders, Detroit Red Wings, New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes. 

Fox points out that the Canadiens' need a real offensive threat/game breaker type player which has proven hard for the Habs' to land through free agency so this could be the best solution. 

Source: Sportsnet