Huge news when it comes to the Montreal Canadiens' general manager search. 

After some controversy over the weekend regarding former Canadiens' goalie Patrick Roy, it seems he's near the top of the list. 

Canadiens' insider Renaud Lavoie reported that Roy had interviewed for the GM job but Roy told reporters that he hadn't. 

This of course started some huge controversy however Roy has now publicly admitted that he interviewed for the job and was just trying to keep it low key because he didn't know if the Canadiens wanted it to be kept confidential. 

Not only did Roy interview, but according to Lavoie it went very well and he'll be having a second interview. 

Roy is near the top of the list which still seems to include Roberto Luongo, Daniel Brière, Mathieu Darche, Stéphane Quintal, Marc Denis. 

Do you think Roy would be a good fit?

Source: Renaud Lavoie