The NHL held the Draft Lottery last night and it involved a bit of drama and controversy to say the least. 

Detroit had the best odds to land the #1 overall pick but ended up dropping all the way to fourth. 

As if that wasn't a slap in the face, the #1 overall pick was awarded to one of the teams currently in the playoffs!

Former NHL GM Brian Burke sounded off after ther esult and isn't impressed at all. 

"This result is nothing short of a disgrace," Burke said on Friday's show on SportsNet. "This makes no sense. It should've been just the seven teams that weren't in the play-in round in the lottery. Give the teams who need the most help the best players."

"Detroit had 39 points at the pause," he said. "You could have a team with 35 more points pick ahead of them. Detroit and Ottawa are both big losers. It's a deep draft and they're going to get a good player with their picks but if Lafreniere is the kind of player we all think he's going to be, he should be on one of those two teams."

What do you think of Burke's comments?