After retiring from the world of hockey as an executive, former general manager Brian Burke has become quite the popular analyst. 

He's done some great work at Sportsnet and has revealed some great behind the scenes details from his time as GM. 

While doing his part and staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Burke decided to take some Twitter questions and one of the answers pointed at current Montreal Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin.

Burke was asked who the funniest player he ever had was and without hesitation the answer was Bergevin. 

"Marc Bergevin, by far. I had him in both Hartford and Vancouver, and I’ve never seen a player who could keep a bus full of players howling with laughter. To this day, any time he texts me it cracks me up."   

While Bergevin might not be popular with some fans and some media members, he remains popular with his players and with executives from around the league.