To help those around the province of B.C., the Sedin brothers have stepped up big to help hungry children. 

The twins have donated $70k to The Vancouver Sun's Adopt A School COVID-19 appeal to help children now facing hunger with school meals no longer available. 

The fund will help children across the province which saw the Vancouver Sun Children's Fund liquidate $100k of it's emergency funds to help teachers now scrambling ways to find ways to feed kids. 

“Although our initial wish was to provide for things like school trips and after-hours programs they won’t be happening for a while,” said Henrik. “In the meantime the need for food takes priority.”

Daniel said: “It’s time for all of us to help each other in whatever way we can. We’re fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to do something for the community.

“We are hoping others — with the ability to help — will join us and see the need to feed these families.

“Is there anything else we can do?”

Huge stick tap to the twins!

Source: Vancouver Sun