There’s been plenty of speculation regarding Jonathan Drouin over the last couple months.

Most recently we’ve seen a rumour started by a former agent that Drouin wouldn’t start the season but Drouin’s current agent, Allan Walsh, called out the report as false.

We’ve also heard plenty of speculation about why Drouin left the team last year some speculated drug problems, other refusal to vaccinate and some depression.

Drouin opened up for the first time about it.

 “I’ve had anxiety problems for many years, insomnia problems that relate to my anxiety. That week in Calgary where we played 3 games, I missed all 3 of them, wasn’t feeling good. That is where it hit a wall for me, it was time I stepped away from the game and literally take a step back from everything and kind of enjoy life. I needed it, it was hard for me to do at that time, obviously playoffs were coming around. Wasn’t an easy thing to do and I am proud of what I’ve done and happy I did it.”

What do you think of Drouin’s comments?