There's lots of debate regarding what's going to happen with the 2019-20 season, and with no real official answers right now team's are laying off employees. 

However it seems the NHL might actually have a plan. 

After NHL GM's held a conference call on Tuesday, NHL insiders Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun and Frank Seravalli put together a special edition of insider trading. 

McKenzie revealed that the league is proactively trying to put together possible games for August. 

"It wasn't on the GMs' call per se today. But, earlier today the National Hockey League did request from each of its member 31 clubs to provide available home dates for the month of August. So as you said, James, nobody knows anything for sure. But what we can start to figure out here, is if we're going to have a playoffs that have 2020 in front of them, there's a real good chance it could be as late as August."

Stanley Cup playoffs in August?

Source: Bob McKenzie