The Montreal Canadiens are in Boston tonight to play a very important game that has huge implications regarding their playoff push. 

Unfortunately the game has been overshadowed by a Nick Kypreos Tweet. 

Kypreos Tweeted out earlier today that Shea Weber's season is likely over and his career could be in question. 

This set off an absolute storm of activity and speculation across all social media platforms. 

Senior Vice President Communications & Public Affairs for the Montreal Canadiens, Paul Wilson, was forced to make a brief statement. 

"In response to comments regarding Shea Weber’s health status, and as mentioned by head coach Claude Julien, the Montreal Canadiens should be able to provide an update by the end of the week. There will be no further comments at this time"

This could mean absolutely nothing, or it could mean the worst....

Either way, speculation will build until the Canadiens make an official announcement.