The Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin made an announcement. 

Bergevin announced that the team has locked up assistant coach Luke Richardson to a three year extension. 

Many believed after his job taking over for Dominque Ducharme during the playoffs he would receive lots of attention and possible job offers. 

However Bergevin and Richardson came to an agreement to keep him in Montreal beside Ducharme. 

From the Canadiens' press release:

"Richardson, 52, joined the Canadiens' coaching staff as assistant coach on July 9, 2018, bringing more than 25 years of NHL experience, including four seasons as an assistant coach with the Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders.

In his third season with the Canadiens as assistant to the head coach, he was called upon to replace Dominique Ducharme at a crucial moment in the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs when Ducharme left the team temporarily for health reasons. He took over the squad shortly before Game 3 of the Semifinals, and under his charge the Canadiens defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in six games to advance to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1993. "