It's been quite a few last couple of weeks in the NHL. 

The league opened up Phase 2 of it's return to play plan and announced dates for Phase 3 when teams will start training camps in their respective hub city. 

Unfortunately during Phase 2 there's been some positive tests and that has some players feeling uneasy. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning had to shut down their facilities because of positive tests. 

One player spoke to The Athletic anonymously and said players aren't happy. 

“This just makes no sense to me,” the veteran player said as per The Athletic. “Right from the return-to-play format announcement and this Phase 2 thing that none of us have to be in, they’ve put the cart before the horse. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and they’re shocked there’s an outbreak? And it’s a long ways off to July 10, so you can’t tell me more and more guys won’t be testing positive as more and more guys start to get back to town. 

“Guys are not happy. This is why we better have a full player vote and not just an executive board vote. But I’m not convinced (NHLPA executive director) Don (Fehr) is going to allow that because he knows there’s so many of us on the fence. That’s why I think the league was trying to be hush-hush on these positive tests.

“In my opinion, no way we play.”