It's no secret, Milan Lucic's stay in Edmonton has pretty much been a disaster. 

After scoring 23 goals during his first year in Edmonton, Lucic has only been able to register a total of 16 goals in 161 games since. 

It's clear new surroundings are needed for the power forward and reports had him requesting a trade last summer. 

Lucic however carries a full no movement clause and apparently there's only one team he's willing to go to. 

The 30 year old spoke to David Staples of the Edmonton Journal and said he would welcome a trade to Vancouver. 

“That’s definitely something I wouldn’t rule out. It’s obviously something that potentially could happen. Like you said, things haven’t gone that well for me here with the Oilers. Especially the last year and a half. So a new GM, new coach, which haven’t even been named yet, coming in. You don’t even know what their plan is moving forward, and stuff like that. Like I said, it’s definitely something that could potentially happen…”

“I remember doing an interview back in ’07 before the Mem Cup and I said it would always be a dream of mine to some day play for the Canucks. You still have that kid inside of you. You still have that dream of playing for your home town team. And like I said you never know what the future has in store and what potentially can happen.”

Speculation is that the only way the trade would be feasible is for the Oilers to take on another terrible contract for an underperforming player, Loui Eriksson. 

Source: Edmonton Journal