The Chicago Blackhawks lost Tuesday's game to the Carolina Hurricanes and they came very close to losing their superstar player. 

Late in Tuesday's game, Hurricanes forward Sebastian Aho shoved Patrick Kane into the boards and no penalty was called. 

It brought back some bad flashbacks for Kane who broke his collarbone in 2015 on a similar play. 

"I just don't like that play where you're going in, your back's turned, you get the cross-check in the back when you're unsuspecting and the puck's not there," Kane said. "So I think that's where the frustration came from."

Some believe that if Kane stayed down and sold it instead of trying to keep the play going, a penalty would have been called. 

"To be honest with you, when I got hit like that I was just trying to keep the play alive because I thought they would for sure call it," the Hawks forward added. "But there's plays throughout the game that don't get called and that's just the way it is. That one's probably more magnified because of the situation and how much time was left."

It all went downhill from there as Aho scored and Kane flipped out and cross checked Aho as he was celebrating the goal. 

Source: Daily Herald