It was an extremely scary situation just a little while ago. 

Former Montreal Canadiens' defenseman Alexei Emelin was hospitalized and fighting for his life. 

The former Habs' defenseman developed a fever after a KHL playoff game recently and had to be hospitalized. 

Original concern was a possible COVID-19 infection but it was actually "toxic liver shock" after an allergic reaction. 

He was eventually transferred to intensive care. 

Eric Engels of Sportsnet provided an update on the situation. 

"An update on Alexei Emelin. The report he suffered acute liver failure WAS true. He had a very rare reaction to some pain meds after taking a bad hit in a game. He has since recovered, is doing well, is with the team and is expected to resume playing next season."

Definitely happy to hear that Emelin is getting back to regular life and will likely resume playing next season. 

Source: Eric Engels