The Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin will be looking to make some moves this offseason as the "reset" continues. 

Adding a big body in front of the net that can score goals will likely be one of the things near the top of the list. 

We heard recently that the Canadiens might make a serious push for Mike Hoffman during free agency. 

Another option apparently sits in Columbus. 

Eric Engels of Sportsnet was asked in his recent mailbag what it would take for the Canadiens to land Josh Anderson. 

There's been some rumoured interest from the Canadiens before, but it might be an expensive trade. 

Engels had a lengthy and detailed response where he reveals it would likely require a Max Domi trade to land Anderson. 

"If I were running the Canadiens and had a chance to trade for Josh Anderson, I’d be more than compelled by that opportunity.

Anderson is six-foot-three, 222 pounds, and he plays like a man that size and with the speed of someone considerably smaller. He also produced 63 goals in 223 games from 2016-2019.
Here’s the rub: why did Anderson have just one goal this season despite only suffering the shoulder injury that ended his campaign prematurely mid-stream on Dec. 14?
Is something else wrong there? I know that’s the question most hockey execs were asking in the lead-up to the deadline — especially since it was only announced Anderson was having season-ending surgery on March 2.
Meanwhile, the 26-year-old is on an expiring one-year deal that pays him $1.85 million. He’s an RFA for one more year.

I can’t speculate on what it will cost to acquire Anderson. I think it’s only logical some would suggest trading Max Domi for him straight up makes sense, but that’s a considerable gamble on Montreal’s behalf. And here’s what makes it an even bigger one, outside of just the health issue: if you make a move like that, you’re telling Anderson he’s your guy, and that essentially locks you into signing him to a long-term deal immediately.
Now, if the Canadiens are comfortable with Anderson’s injury situation, and if they feel he can continue on as a 25-plus goal scorer who brings an edge that few players on their team have, then they’ll have to pony up.
But it’s a big move to give up some good assets (whether it’s Domi or some futures), to sign Anderson to a long-term deal coming off an injury-plagued and woefully unproductive season, and to tie up dollars in this player when Domi, Tatar, Gallagher, Danault and Petry all need new deals at the end of next season."

Source: Eric Engels Sportsnet