The Montreal Canadiens have a bit of drama surrounding a player that nobody really expected. 

Victor Mete requested a trade and general manager Marc Bergevin has made it clear it's not happening. 

Whether it's because the Canadiens really want Mete around or because Mete's agent made the trade request public remains to be seen. 

One thing is for sure, Bergevin doesn't care for the agents tactics. 

“First of all, never will an agent decide the way we’re going to manage our team. Never. Whether it’s internally or publicly,” Bergevin said. “In Victor’s case, we had some discussions beforehand that we wanted to get him in the lineup, I think Claude explained that. Eventually we got him in and it had nothing to do with the agent. Victor is a young player who still has potential, who skates well, we need depth, for our cap he has a good situation with his cap number"

Sounds like Bergevin has no plans of letting Mete or his agent control the situation.