It's been a hectic week for the Montreal Canadiens and free agency rumours. 

At the top of the list are reports that Erik Karlsson would like to receive a competitive offer from the Montreal Canadiens during free agency so he and his wife can be closer to Ottawa.

Fans and some analysts have completely blown up ready to throw the bank at Karlsson. 

However the rumour doesn't exactly come from Bob McKenzie or Pierre LeBrun.

That's why one NHL insider doesn't buy it at all. 

TVA Sports Renaud Lavoie revealed that he doesn't believe the rumour at all and added that Karlsson hasn't even told the San Jose Sharks yet what his future plans are. 

Karlsson just had surgery on his groin, an injury that bothered him all season. 

It's going to be very interesting where this story goes over the next month. 

You can watch Lavoie's report by clicking here

Source: Renaud Lavoie