During the season it didn't really seem like this would be the main offseason storyline, but after some hockey in the bubble it's at the top of the list. 

Max Domi's future in Montreal. 

Many believed that Domi and the Canadiens would hammer out a short bridge deal and it would be over with pretty quickly. 

However after his performance (or non-performance) in the playoffs, firing his agent and some social media drama, it seems Domi's time in Montreal is done.

First came a report from Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette making the claim, now another Canadiens' insider has stepped up and made the same claim. 

Marc Antoine Godin of The Athletic says Domi is on his way out of town and there's only a 20% chance he starts next season in Montreal. 

Godin says the combination of the contract negotiations and his spot on the depth chart easily point to Domi being done with the Habs. 

"First off, as a restricted free agent with arbitration rights, Domi is exposed to a) a tense relationship with the Canadiens if his case ever winds up in arbitration or, b) committing long-term to the Canadiens to try and cash in on his best season. In either case, the level of confidence of both sides doesn’t seem all that high and the climate doesn’t appear ripe to a long-term arrangement. Another team, however, might be more willing to dive in with Domi, especially if they have their own contract headache to deal with.

the Canadiens prefer Domi at centre but don’t have room for him at centre, and they hope to see him shoot more even if that goes against his natural instincts as a player. Oh yeah, and all that led Domi to start the playoffs centering the fourth line.

Again, does this seem like fertile ground for a long-term relationship?"

Source: The Athletic