Being in Montreal, we always hear about crazy stories regarding what goes on behind the scenes and in the locker room. 

One story we heard a couple of years ago was a big locker room incident between Andrew Shaw and Michel Therrien. 

While we've never really heard what really happened, it's been made clear that Shaw is not a fan of Therrien and it was highlighted during Shaw's retirement speech where he thanked every coach he's played for except Therrien. 

We got some more entertainment recently when Shaw appeared on Dale Weise's podcast "Habs Tonight". 

Shaw mentioned multiple times that he'd love to punch Therrien in the face. 

"If you want respect, all you need to do is just talk to guys like human beings but he would just scream."

"You don't need to be a douchebag in this league, you can be a hard guy a coach that rides guys but you can't be a douchebag."

Shaw went on to talk about Therrien's massive cigarette smoking even between periods where he almost got kicked out for smoking. 

The former Habs' forward also revealed a story after the Habs' won and the team was on the bus. Therrien was yelling at the team and Shaw popped up and said "Hey Michel, isn't that a girl's name?"

Check out the highlights below:

Source: Habs Tonight