The Montreal Canadiens' provided forward Max Domi the perfect atmosphere to finally get his NHL career up and running after rotting away in no man's land aka Arizona the last couple of seasons. 

Finally in a hockey city, Domi registered 28 goals and 44 assists, both career highs.

To keep it rolling one Habs' analyst is pleading with general manager Marc Bergevin to throw everything he has at Toronto Maple Leafs restricted free agent Mitch Marner. 

Marner and Domi played together for two seasons while in the OHL and wearing a London Knights jersey. 

The chemistry combined for an incredible 228 points in 120 games during the 2014-15 season. 

To have any chance at landing Marner through an offer sheet, first the forward would have to actually sign it, second the Canadiens' would likely have to offer him close to $11million a season and follow that up with giving up four 1st round picks to the Leafs over the next four years. 

Jean-Charles Lajoie of TVA Sports believes it's something that Bergevin has to just do, regardless of the salary cap consequences and those four draft picks blowing up in the Canadiens' face. 

"I'm really hoping to see the Canadiens get an offer sheet done with Marner. There's not 10 players like him across the league. Come on Marc, I'm putting all my confidence in you. It would be incredible to reunite Marner and Max Domi at Montreal like at the Memorial Cup in 2014. What blasphemy it would be for the Leafs! It would take the Leafs rivalry to new levels." 

Do you see any possibility of this happening?

Source: TVA Sports