The Montreal Canadiens are currently in Toronto and will hit the ice for their first practice in the hub city today. 

While everybody will be on the ice, one player will be missing because he's stuck inside his hotel room. 

Youngster Alexander Romanov was sent straight to Toronto from Russia instead of arriving in Montreal. 

The reason being because in Toronto in the hub, Romanov only has to serve a one week quarantine instead of the two weeks he would have served in Montreal. 

While quarantining in Toronto, the quarantine is being taken extremely seriously. 

Romanov revealed to the Russian press that he's locked in his hotel room for seven days and can't even leave to go into the hallway as there's a security guard outside his room 24/7. 

He loves his hotel room and says the Canadiens have treated him with class since the beginning he just wishes he could use some gym equipment.