Just a little while ago Nikita Scherbak blew up social media when he called the Montreal Canadiens anti-Russian. 

At the time Canadiens prospect Alexander Romanov said he didn't agree with those comments and recently had the chance to go in new detail. 

While speaking with sport24, Romanov spoke about his first year in the KHL and was asked about Montreal, specifically about the Russophobia. 

(Translated with Google Translate)

"In general, there is no Russophobia, nothing of the sort. They treated me very warmly, but to the Russians as a whole. The fact that I think so is completely stupid. They recognized me on the streets, took pictures with me. There is neither racism, nor Russophobia."

Romanov also revealed that his time in Montreal this summer was used for working on his skating and along with some training with the Canadiens' trainers. 

Source: sport24