Aliu revealed that Peters used some racial slurs towards him and Peters was eventually fired by the Flames. 

Now Aliu has opened up in a recent article for The Players' Tribune and sounded the alarm on former NHLer Steve Downie. 

The events took place as the two were playing junior hockey for the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL.

“First couple of practices he put Tiger Balm in my jock,” Aliu says … “Then he took my gear outside and threw it on the roof.”

“And then he began to belittle me in front of my teammates, the coaches, whoever would listen to him. He’d make fun of my clothes, the way I spoke.”

“He was two years older than me and a rising star, and he wielded his power over me like I was nothing — like I was subhuman.”

Aliu also revealed that after he refused to take part in a hazing ritual, Downie "shoved his fiberglass stick through my mouth".

“I lost seven teeth in half a second. Blood gushing down.”

Aliu believes Downie is a straight up racist. 

“I went through hell at the hands of a racist sociopath.”“His name’s Steve Downie.”

“I don’t really give a crap what he thinks about the way I just described him. I’d say it to his face today.”

“He had nothing but hate in his heart back then. He looked at me and saw a black boy with a weird accent — and didn’t like me because of it. I was attacked because of the color of my skin. I knew it then. And I know it even more now.”

Source: Players Tribune