FEB 9, 2022  (11H49)      J-B. GAGNÉ
The Canadiens have never been so consistent... in losing! They're currently on a seven-loss streak in a row, 32nd in overall league rankings but also for the average number of goals allowed per game.

A team devoid of any fighting spirit, of any honor and any interest.

And the discontent is increasingly felt on social media, especially on the official accounts of the organization.

On the team's publication following yesterday's loss, more than 900 murderous comments were made.

Raphaël F. : « At least they are consistent. I haven't seen such consistency in years. »

Martin S. : « Now, it will have to move. The new management must act and take back control of this club... I don't even listen to the games on TV anymore! »

Francis C. : « Go go go!!! We are on our way to a new record!!! »

If only the organization would make a clear and honest statement about the plan they want to put forward for the rest of the season and the years to come. At this point, you still have to read between the lines even though there is a higher level of transparency than before.

We wish the team's community managers good luck, because this disastrous show is not their fault at all.