FEB 11, 2022  (10H10)      J-B. GAGNÉ
But according to more and more well-connected insiders, it seems that Brad Travelling, general manager of the Calgary Flames, has an affinity for two Canadian organizations to make trades.

The two potential targets?

The Ottawa Senators and of course, the Montreal Canadiens!

Yesterday, we told you about Pierre LeBrun, who is linking Johnny Gaudreau to the Tricolore. But could it be that it's a local talent heading west?

The suspects?

Tyler Toffoli and Mike Hoffman!

Of course, the return for the first one will be much better than for the latter!

Moreover, we can speculate on what the Sainte-Flanelle could get for Toffoli and we regularly read the name of Jakob Pelletier being advanced.

With two more seasons at a very attractive $4.25M salary, the Flames would probably need to add a top pick along with a top prospect like Pelletier for Kent Hughes to agree to make the move!

Credit : Habs et LNH