FEB 15, 2022  (10H40)      J-B. GAGNÉ
Thanks Chantal!

It's amazing how since she took over with the Canadiens, the members of the organization are more often in the media. It's a change in the organization's culture that does a lot of good. We have to thank the former RDS journalist for opening this new communication channel!

Enough preamble, you didn't click on this article for a tribute to Chantal Machabée. Anyway, no one will ever do it as well as Bob!

Rob Ramage gave a solid interview to Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports. An interview that he took the trouble to start in French, we salute his effort! His transparency is good to read.

Unlike Dominique Ducharme, Rob Ramage and Francis Bouillon have met with the team's new management to discuss player development : "Francis Bouillon and I had our first meetings with Kent and Jeff last week. Yes, the development issue has been addressed. Since their arrival, Kent and Jeff have been trying to figure out everyone: the personnel in Montreal, in Laval, but also the profile of our different prospects. I'll tell you one thing, everyone wants to progress on the team."

He continues : "I'm not going to show Cole Caufield how to shoot a puck. Have you ever seen me take a shot? Cole will be teaching me more! Nick Suzuki has incredible vision. I coached Josh Anderson when he played for the London Knights. Did I have an impact on any of these players? If so, it is minimal. MI-NI-MAL!"

Where it gets juicy is when Ramage speaks to his bosses through the media and makes a plea for more talent to work with : "We have a lot of choices in this draft. Francis and I are ready.Bring us players! But bring us good players! And we will turn them into future Canadiens."

Doesn't this remind you of Marc Bergevin's famous draft theory? The former GM often mentioned that there was a lot of chance in this exercise and that he preferred to bet on several stingers to hope to reach the bull's eye!

The development specialist seems to imply that he can't do magic. It takes talent to extract from a kid to make him a Montreal Canadien one day!

We hope that the message reaches the right ears!