FEB 11, 2022  (13H20)      O. LEBLANC
This morning, interim head coach Martin St-Louis spoke on the airwaves of 91.9 sport with Louis-Philippe Guy and Gilbert Delorme, about his official mandate and the structure he wants to implement moving forward. He replied that his main challenge for now is to build the proper mindset and culture more so than applying the X's and O's of the game. As of now, he wants them to have fun on the ice, so his main focus will be centered around the off ice skills that he can share to his players first and foremost.

Martin was then asked by Louis-Philippe if the rumor he heard about him agreeing to a 3 year deal, but asked to be named as an interim head coach until the end of the season in order to see if that's something he really wanted to do moving forward, were true. He took less than half a second to respond with the following answer: «No, that isn't true it's just flat out wrong!» in a very direct and almost annoyed tone. During that entire interview, you can see in his voice that the level of jump and enthusiasm he had in his press conference when he was introduced by both Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, less than 24 hours ago, was the complete opposite. Can we associate that to the fact that all these emotions are starting to settle down, that he now realizes that he'll have a bigger fight on his hands then he originally anticipated or perhaps he just didn't have a good night's sleep after losing his first ever game as a head coach in the NHL who knows.

He also answered a question about the fact that he was mainly hired to basically be the eyes and ears of upper management, so they can have a better idea of the vibe in the locker room. He replied by saying that all the little things like who has the right attitude, the proper commitment on and off the ice are key components of a winning team and that if Kent or Jeff were to ask him those questions, he would pass along the proper information. All those answers will go a long way in the assessment of the roster moving forward.

Here's a link to the interview, which is French by the way