FEB 9, 2022  (10H50)      J-B. GAGNÉ
To say that the Habs are not having a good season is an understatement. A horrible and catastrophic season in every way and we don't see much to retain from this year.

But what does the team's new general manager think? As the new leader of the team, he's making up his mind about the plan he'll have to establish and the strategies he'll have to put in place to reach his goals.

He's really not happy!

In an interview with The Athletic's Arpon Basu, the Montrealer who has been an expat in Boston for several years doesn't mince words about his assessment of the situation : "I feel embarrassed"

He continues : "It's trying to create an environment where the unwritten rule in hockey — you lose a game, nobody smiles and everybody puts their head down, and even if you happen to be in a particularly good mood, you gave your best effort, you're not allowed to smile? — that type of environment here, for the rest of the season, is going to be psychologically damaging for players,"

So, we have to create happiness...

The players might be due for a visit to the sick children in the hospital.

It would give them a boost!