FEB 11, 2022  (10H12)      J-B. GAGNÉ
Having just lost his job and being at the helm of a ship with holes in it, Jeff Petry took the liberty of criticizing his former coach during his scrum after yesterday's game.

Of all the people who could criticize Dominique Ducharme, the one who is probably the least well placed to do so is Jeff Petry!

And yet, he is the first one to stick a knife in the back of the Quebecer!

No one will say that Ducharme is a first class communicator but his track record before arriving with the Canadiens was flawless. That can't be a coincidence!

His junior clubs didn't think his message was complicated.

Team Canada didn't think his message was too complicated.

During the playoffs in 2021, no player said anything against his methods...

But Jeff Petry thought they were difficult!

Even if the message was clearer according to the Michigan native, it didn't prevent him from posting a negative differential once again. Something that Maxim Lapierre kindly reminded him of!

Ducharme is gone. He won't be back with the Canadiens.

That was cheap shot by Petry!