FEB 16, 2022  (11H23)      J-B. GAGNÉ
In a media scrum, it's not easy to come up with a question that will throw the Canadiens' general manager off. They are coached to know the messages they want to send based on the questions they should receive. We felt that Kent Hughes was thrown off by the question from Marc-André Perreault of TVA Sports.

Perreault went fishing, as he put it so well!

The reporter assigned to cover the Canadiens asked Hughes about the involvement of Nick Bobrov, who would have been observed with him in the coming days.

Bobrov was the European director of scouting for the New York Rangers until May 30th when Chris Drury, newly appointed general manager of the team, decided to fire him to put his own people in place throughout the New York organization.

Kent Hughes admitted to spending time with Bobrov and asking him for help in evaluating certain players. He didn't go any further. But it's clear if you read between the lines, especially with so many scouts already in place in the organization, that Hughes has access to plenty of advisors to support him in his current moves for the team.

So why seek outside for advice?

Nickolai Bobrov, his real name, was the head scout for Europe for five years with the Boston Bruins, followed by three seasons with the Los Angeles Kings, three seasons with the SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL and then six years with the New York Rangers.