FEB 11, 2022  (11H21)      J-B. GAGNÉ
We all have our idols in life. For hockey players, they are often great hockey players.

We all grow up trying to model ourselves on the values of our idols. Now imagine what it's like when you have the chance to be around your idol every day!

It's the childhood dream that Cole Caufield is realizing right now. Barely 21 years old, already in the NHL, already a Stanley Cup final on the counter but above all, his idol who is now his coach!

That was the revelation the youngster made yesterday during his scrum with the media after the 5-2 loss to the Washington Capitals.

"I grew up wearing the number 26 because of him and it's amazing that he's our coach now."

We can understand him having stars in his eyes and playing the game with an energy we haven't seen from him in a while.

He scored a great powerplay goal that you can see again here:

And he was denied another one with a solid shot!

As we mentioned earlier, the "Martin St. Louis effect" was palpable yesterday and we understand why thanks to Caufield's testimony!