FEB 10, 2022  (14H25)      O. LEBLANC
The general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, confirmed in a press conference held earlier today that he had opportunities to make some changes in order to make his team more competitive and fix several issues that were causing the team sinking to the bottom of the standings.

With that said, the easiest decision to make, for the good of the team moving forward, was to relieve Dominique Ducharme of his duties and keep the possible pieces that would've been required to acquire that much needed help.

Instead of adding talent, Hughes will probably trade several players from his current roster to potentially get more picks and prospects for their rebuild. The usual suspects that have been mentioned in the past several weeks are unrestricted free agents Ben Chariot and Brett Kulak. There's also players with terms, but those types of deals are done more often than not, during the offseason. The Montreal Canadiens already have 11 picks for the upcoming draft and it's a foregone conclusion that they will be adding to that total come the trade deadline, which is set for March 21st.

The latest performances of the Habs under coach Ducharme, where the competition level was abysmal to say the least, was not something Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations, Jeff Gorton, was willing to tolerate much longer.

My question goes as follows... With the addition of Martin St. Louis behind the bench, could this possibly hurt the Habs chances of drafting 1st overall, should they go on a run in a season that means absolutely nothing or should they have kept Dominique Ducharme and made the change after the 82nd game of the regular season?