FEB 11, 2022  (14H47)      J-B. GAGNÉ
We know that Dominique Ducharme and Bob Hartley are two very close people. They have worked together professionally and personally for decades.

Seeing your friend fired is never easy.

Imagine when an underperforming millionaire takes the liberty of talking trash on him the day after he was fired. It doesn't sit well with the colorful coach and he didn't hesitate to express it on the RDS podcast "On jase".

"I've lost the small shred of respect I had for Petry!"

But that's not all. He imagined the situation as only he can:

"The Canadiens threw Ducharme under the bus and Petry decided he was backing up with it to go over!"

Hartley has nothing to lose. He doesn't owe anyone anything and this freedom allows him to express what he thinks out loud.

It's refreshing!

He ends by saying, "Dominic is the kindest, most kind-hearted guy I know!"

Credit: RDS - On jase