FEB 14, 2022  (10H19)      J-B. GAGNÉ
Not all of us are lucky enough to be a reputable NHL insider. We can't talk to the general managers and get first-hand information. We don't have the phone numbers of the most influential men in the Bettman Circuit.

Pierre LeBrun does!

For today's article on The Athletic, the TSN alum spoke with Doug Armstrong, general manager of the St. Louis Blues.

They discussed a little bit about the trade deadline and the difficulty of playing in a league with a stable salary cap for the next two seasons.

Following the meeting, the Ontario journalist estimates that the Blues will be interested in acquiring a left-shooting defenseman who can fit into a top 4.

However, according to him, the Blues will not be all in on the market.

If the price to pay is similar to the one paid for David Savard last year, the Blues will be there.

If the price is higher, the Blues may leave the dance floor.

"I think the Blues will kick tires on the likes of rental players such as Mark Giordano (if he's made available) and Ben Chiarot among others, but what I don't think you'll see is St. Louis paying a high price." - Pierre LeBrun

He added that the Blues should position themselves as marauders in the market and jump into the fray only if a price drop occurs with minutes left in the trade period.

Let's hope for the Canadiens' sake that other teams are hungrier than the Blues for Ben Chiarot to leave and the CH to get a great return.

Credit: The Athletic