FEB 9, 2022  (10H03)      J-B. GAGNÉ
Finally, the RDS host was not sleeping. He explained this morning to Paul Arcand on 98.5 fm that it was due to a technical failure of the device that allows communication between the broadcast truck and the Bell Centre.

The failure meant that Alain Crête could not hear anything in his earpiece and did not know that he and Mario Tremblay were back on the air.

His head was down because he was reviewing his notes for the speech he was to make in the next few minutes.

Head down + no reaction to the return on air = impression that he had fallen asleep on the job!

Unfortunately, for technical reasons (as it often happens around Alain Crête these days!) the audio of the column will not be available on the 98,5 website.

You should have been there live .... or read our article!

Credit: Habs et LNH