Winner of 11 Stanley Cups, Henri Richard has more than made his mark in Montreal Canadiens' history all while playing in the shadow of his brother, Maurice Richard.

However, the player who has the most Stanley Cup rings in franchise history has almost no memory of his great career. That's what Bertrand Raymond has reported in his latest blog post on The columnist says that because of his Alzheimer's disease, the lifelong Habs player has virtually no memory of his Stanley Cup wins.

Sometimes his wife brings him photos, and according to her, he has no reaction as if he had never taken part in any of the Canadiens great exploits.

On the other hand, even if Henri does not remember what he did in his hockey career, it is clear that older fans will never forget his legendary career of 1046 points in 1259 games.

The Habs will erect a statue at the main entrance of Place Bell in Laval, a city where the couple has lived for more than 50 years.

To read the touching text of Bertrand Raymond, click on the tweet below:

Image Credit: Montreal Gazette