The life of a celebrity is not always as glamorous as it appears and former NHL player turned 91.9 Sports FM radio host Enrico Ciccone unfortunately found this out the hard way this week.

In this day and age of being able to remain anonymous via email or social media, fans do not hesitate to voice their dissatisfaction with a public personality and in some cases they take it way too far, as is what happened with Ciccone.

This particular listener criticized Ciccone’s on-air opinion, but then moved on to attack his Italian heritage. 

Even though Ciccone seemed to take the incident with a grain of salt, it is still very disheartening to see people making racist remarks towards anyone these days.

Ciccone was quick to make the remarks public to denounce the comments by someone only known as Raymond.  If you are going to be a trash human being, don’t conceal your identity.  Stand by who you really are!

Source: Eric Ciccone
Image Credit: 91.9 Sports FM