Former Montreal Canadien and longtime NHL forward Daniel Briere has released a new book entitled "Mister Playoffs" which he takes time to look back at his time with the Canadiens. 

As much as he'll always cherish the honour of putting on a Habs jersey, he breaks down how former Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien created conflict between the two.

He points back to one specific incident that happened on December 30th, 2013 which really stood out. (Translated from French)

"When I entered the room, [Therrien] started insulting me one more time when showing game play footage [...] He ended his speech by saying," There's nobody in the room that respects you! There is no one who wants to play with you! " It was an incredible nastiness, "reads the book co-authored with columnist Martin Leclerc.

Briere goes on to say that he was brought to the Habs for his leadership, shootout skills and his offensive skills, however Therrien never gave him the opportunity to show off any of them. 

"I was crushed. I was really put aside. And I did not have that chance to take a leadership role. "

Briere mentions that throughout the season, Therrien never let up on him, trying to put him down in private or in front of his teammates every chance he got. He mentions another incident after the team won 6-2 against Minnesota, Therrien decided to focus on how Briere took a penalty in the final minutes and pointed at all the players blocking shots during the penalty kill. 

"There are players who are selfish. When they take bad penalties as in the last game, that's what their teammates are forced to do for them. " Briere said  "Everyone knew I was the target player [...] I was embarrassed, embarrassed, hurt,"

"The message was very clear: my opinion was not welcome and I was better off keeping my mouth closed"

Radio Canada tried to question Therrien about the books excerpts, Therrien declined to hear the excerpts and just said Briere is "a good guy". 

To read the full article in french click here.

Source: Radio Canada