A story published last week regarding the unsold tickets for the Montreal Canadiens home opener received a lot of feedback and this morning we got an update regarding those ticket sales.

The situation has not really improved this morning as several seats still remain unsold and we are now feeling some panic from the franchise's upper management.

We now see a significant decrease in the price of tickets on the Tricolor site with a drop in price by a remarkable 30% in the blues, they are now going at $95 rather than the $130 that was asked last week.

The 25Stanley blog points out that more than 7 side by side tickets (!!!!!) are available in the blues and that you can also buy up to 4 seats side by side in the reds.

Fans of the team are sending a serious message to owner Geoff Molson because they simply refuse to pay $260 for a pair of tickets in the blues for what has been some poor quality hockey so far.

Are you surprised that fans are staying away from the Bell Center or do you think it's no surprise considering Marc Bergevin's moves (or lack of) and the steady rise in ticket prices?

Source: 25Stanley.com
Image Credit: NHL.com