FEB 14, 2022  (15H53)      O. LEBLANC
It's no surprise to anyone that Jeff Petry's name has been floating around trade rumors for the past several weeks now.

One of the main roadblocks in getting a deal done is his contract. Petry, who is 34 years of age, is still due to earn 6.25M$ over the next 3 years once the 2021-22 season is done. The Habs top pairing defenceman can also veto possible deals since he has a 15 team no trade clause, something that was given to him by Marc Bergevin a couple of years ago. According to some, his preferred destination would be south of the border since his family moved to Michigan in order to escape the COVID restrictions we have here in the province of Quebec.

Eric Engels was on the Habs broadcast yesterday and mentioned that the Dallas Stars and the Detroit Red Wings would like to add the disgruntled defenseman, if there was a way to trim his salary to 5M$ per year. In order to make that option work, the Habs would have to retain a portion of his contract for the remainder of his deal, something they aren't willing to do as of right now. The well known reporter also stated that if someone is interested in Jeff Petry, they will have to take his contract as is.

With that said, the trade deadline is a little over a month away and a lot of things can happen from here on out. On that note, if the Montreal Canadiens want to maximize their return, they will have to take on a portion of his deal.